The battery is the heart of the car. If the battery runs out, it will continue.

April 1, 2022

Today, FB BATTERY has “a simple and safe way to jump on battery” to help friends. Solve problems on the same page. First of all, make sure that both cars do not obstruct the traffic and turn off both engines first.

The steps for the pump are as follows.

The red wire connects the (+) terminal to the car that the battery is dead.
The red wire connects to the (+) pole that can be used.
The black (or green) wire is connected to the working (-) terminal.
The black wire is connected to the bare metal of the car that the battery is dead. Most of which are connected to the nut of the engine.
Starting a working car speed up a bit
Start a car with a dead battery. Then accelerate about 2000 rev / min until you are sure that the engine does not turn off.
Remove the cable in the area number 4-3-2-1, respectively.

P.S. When the car is started, please hurry and take the car to a mechanic to check.

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