Many times the car won’t start. Friends may think that it’s because of distilled water or our car’s battery may run out.

April 1, 2022


But do you really know? that the salt stains on the battery As a result, the car will not start as well. By the little salt stains that we see and may overlook. It will make the electricity from the battery can not flow through to other parts. conveniently until various systems The inside of the car can be damaged ever. so easy way so that the salt stains can be removed. just remove the terminal lock Remove the car battery and wash it with warm water. (Pretty hot), then use a toothbrush to scrub away all the salt stains. Use a cloth to dry completely. When finished, take some grease to anoint. Only around the battery terminals that have been cleaned.

Alternatively, choose FB Battery S Series dry batteries. Distilled water is not required. This is one of the reasons why salt deposits can form on the battery. It also has a long service life, high CCA, strong power, easy to start.



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