How are the batteries of the ISS system different from conventional batteries?

April 1, 2022

I believe that many people have doubts. What is the difference between an ISS system battery and a conventional battery?

The Idling stop system (ISS) is a system that is present in most modern cars to help save energy from fuel consumption. and protect the environment

This system acts like an on-off control. of the engine during driving to save energy from using oil when the car is completely parked where other systems The car still works normally. using battery power


Therefore, ISS batteries are designed to be more compatible with newer vehicles than conventional batteries. to support charging input and output power more efficiently.

FB Battery’s EFB battery has an innovative combination. ‘Red lead powder’ RED LEAD INSIDE results in more elemental plate adhesion to the element plate frame. Delivers strong, uninterrupted power, and prevents the plates from falling off when recharging frequently. Use the ISS system whenever you need it.


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