Did you know? Loose terminals affect battery operation.

April 1, 2022

When the terminal is loose This will make it difficult to charge and difficult to pull out. affect the start of the car which causes sparks while in use and may cause the battery to explode, which sometimes Loose terminals can cause the plastic on the sides to become hot. and melting can occur. when melting while the electrode is very hot will cause a spark As a result, lead meat is gradually disappearing. until it finally broke off.

There are many reasons for loose connectors. whether the terminal is not tightened the first time Sometimes caused by equipment that is damaged or broken brass terminals. or after use various parts may be shifting causing the poles to loosen as well So how do you know if the connector is loose? Observe when starting the engine if it is difficult to start or there is a sound at the starting terminal. May be caused by a loose connector, so it must be checked regularly. especially when using the car on rough roads. or the floor is often uneven because it may cause the pole to move.

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