Did you know? Easy online car tax renewal do it yourself

April 1, 2022

Car tax renewal can now be done online. The method is not as difficult as you think. And we have compiled them below.
  1. Visit the website of the Department of Land Transport ( go.th/esvapp/index.jsf) and log in. If you haven’t registered yet Must register first
  2. Click “Pay Annual Tax” and “Pay Annual Car Tax via Internet”
  3. Fill in the details of the vehicle you wish to pay tax for, such as vehicle type and vehicle registration number, and click “Register Vehicle”.
  4. Fill in the vehicle information and press the button “Fill in the delivery location”
  5. Completely fill in the mailing address for the documents and click on the “Choose Payment Method” button
  6. Choose a payment method, there are 3 methods:
6.1 Payment by direct debit must have a deposit account and apply for a money transfer service via the Internet with a fee of 20 baht per transaction 6.2 Payment via credit and debit card 6.3 Service counter by having to print the payment slip and pay at the service counter or ATM
  1. Check the order and click the “Confirm” button
. That’s all. It’s not difficult at all. From now on, we can extend the car tax easily and conveniently.
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